John Benassu, MA, LPC

Therapeutic Approach

My approach to counseling and therapy is straightforward. I'm focused on how to help you feel better and live your life in a more satisfying way. I work from an Existential-Humanistic perspective. The beauty and power of this approach lies in the integration of who you are, the larger context of your life in relation to the reasons you've come to therapy. In working through the challenges that brought you to therapy, you will gain a deeper sense of self, more authentic presence in the world, and greater recognition of opportunities for change.

Therapy is of great benefit for those who are working through difficult issues as well as anyone who is engaged in self-exploration and personal growth. The therapy process opens the door to new perceptions, and opportunities to understand and pursue those things in life that are truly important and meaningful to you. In turn, this promotes a life filled with courage, kindness, deep satisfaction, and joy.

Particular issues that I focus on include:

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