John Benassu, MA, LPC

What to Expect

Our work together will be respectful and collaborative. One of my jobs as your therapist is to create an environment in which you feel safe and supported. This gives you the ability to explore new ways to approach your challenges and to shift your perspective so you can look at them a bit differently than you have before. You can trust that anything that comes up in therapy is fair game. Thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, spiritual insights are all part of your experience, and all can lead to rich discussion and new understandings.

Therapy holds great potential for self-discovery and personal growth. At times it will feel wonderful and full of answers and new awakenings. At other times it may feel uncomfortable and difficult. Therapy is not a linear process, it has lots of ups and downs. Recognition of the inherent nature of therapy is useful in helping you ride through the highs and lows while moving toward your goals.

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